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Library of Information

We have gathered information in this library from extensive searches on the internet.  Where possible, we have given the site, or author credit for their work.  If you have information that you would like to see added to our library, please contact us.  Thank you.   


Adverse Reactions to Fluoroquinolones

A Large Outbreak of Clostridium difficile

An Overview of the Mechanistic Aspects of Fluoroquinolones

Antibiotic Use Aids MRSA Spread

Avelox Medication Guide

Cipro Medication Guide

Dear Doctor Letter

Delayed cytotoxicity and cleavage of mitochondrial DNA

Doctor Claims Bayer Falsified Cipro Data

Doctor's Intro to FQ's - Documentation for your Doctor's Visit

Effect of ciprofloxacin on tendon, paratenon, and capsular fibroblast metabolism

Experts Warn Of Health Concerns From Taking Cipro

Flox Report

Fluoroquinolone-induced liver injury three new cases and a review of the literature

Fluoroquinolones - Full List

Fluoroquinolone-Associated Tendinopathy

FQ Side Effects List

James Roberts - Adverse Reactions to Fluoroquinolones

Levaquin Medication Guide

Priscilla Newcomb's Anti-inflammatory Diet

Poisoning of America: The Rise of Mystery & Illnesses Including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, and Gulf War Syndrome

Quinolone Antibiotics Toxicity

Safety Concerns With FQ'sJo

Supplements and What to NOT Combine

The Cure that Kills

The Detoxification Enzyme Systems

The Fluoroquinolone Drugs are the most toxic and dangerous antibiotics in Clinical Practice today

The Ignored Risks of Fluoroquinolones

Unneccessary Antibiotics for Children - Can be Harmful

Unnecessary use of fluoroquinolone antibiotics in hospitalized patients

Worst pills.org- Fluoroquinolones

WSJ on side effects of Fluoroquinolones




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